In the face of the Covid-19 pandemic, we spared no efforts to ensure the health and safety of our employees and all our stakeholders, as well as to preserve our activities, an essential service for the public. See some of the measures adopted:


  • Anticipation of the influenza vaccination campaign and immediate adoption of remote working for 100% of employees (4,000 people) in administrative functions, in the asset monitoring center and the call center, and the guarantee of all health and safety equipment — including masks, hand sanitizer and thermometers — for the more than 9,000 workers in the field.
  • Set up of the Health cell with medical assistance and orientation for employees, installed in three municipalities in São Paulo and four in Rio Grande do Sul


  • Acceleration of digitalization: 90 services made available by means of digital channels (CPFL Online Service website, ChatBot, WhatsApp, application with free navigation during the pandemic, among others) and implementation of digital service totems in the agencies
  • New payment terms: adoption of means such as PicPay and corona-voucher, as well as the offer of payment of bills in installments and use of credit cards; implantation of delivery payment, involving teams calling on residences with card terminals
  • Action plan for the mass registration of clients for the Social Energy Tariff, program created by the federal government to offer energy bill discounts


  • Our majority shareholder, the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC), donated 120,000 masks, 60,000 of which to the government of the state of São Paulo and another 60,000 to the Campinas city government.
  • Instituto CPFL donation of R$ 5 million to 20 hospitals in the CPFL in the Hospitals Program ("Programa CPFL nos Hospitais"), in addition to investments of around R$ 51.3 million in energy efficiency measures, benefiting 67 hospitals in 2020 alone.
  • Instituto CPFL donation of R$ 1 million to the BNDES “Salvando Vidas” program, which will benefit more than one thousand public hospitals nationwide.

See the other measures we adopted during the period here.

Message from the CEO

In 2020 we reaffirmed our commitment to sustainable development more broadly, across the environmental, economic and social dimensions. After the follow on public offering in 2019, we were re-listed on the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) in 2020/21. We also put our 2020-2024 Sustainability Plan, developed the previous year, into practice, anticipating trends related to the ESG agenda . Consisting of 15 public commitments in three pillars, Sustainable Energy, Smart Solutions and Society Shared Value, the plan is aligned with our business strategy, the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the UN Global Compact principles.

CEO da CPFL Energia

Gustavo Estrella
CEO, CPFL Energia

See the full message here.

CPFL Energia

With over 100 years of proactive participation in the Brazilian power sector, CPFL Energia S.A. is active throughout the business chain, with businesses ranging from generation, transmission, distribution to services and solutions for its clients.

Operations map

With more than 13,000 employees, we operate in 11 states in every region of the country, where we contribute to economic development, delivering clean energy, with complete reliability and safety to millions of people.

Mapa das unidades da CPFL em território brasileiro

Operations map - legend

Hydroelectric Power Plant
Hydroelectric Power Plant
Hydroelectric Generating Plant
Thermoelectric Power Plant
Photovoltaic Power Plant


  • Área de distribuição da CPFL Paulista
  • Área de distribuição da CPFL Piratininga
  • Área de distribuição da CPFL Santa Cruz
  • Área de distribuição da RGE


  1. 7 Sub-stations
    2 in SP, 1 in CE and 3 in RS
  2. 6 transmission lines
    2 in SC and 4 in RS


  • 21 Operational Bases (SP)
  • 1 Refurbishment operation (SP)
  • 5 Business Offices (SP, AM, PE, RS e PR)

CPFL Total

CPFL Atende

CPFL Pessoas

CPFL Finanças

CPFL Supre

CPFL Infra


CPFL Renováveis

  1. HPP Luis Eduardo Magalhães
  2. HPP Serra da Mesa
  3. HPP Foz do Chapecó
  4. HPP Campos Novos
  5. HPP Barra Grande
  6. Ceran Complex:
    HPP Monte Claro / HPP Castro Alves / HPP 14 de Julho
  7. 2 small hydroelectric plants (SP)
  8. 6 hydroelectric generating centers 4 (SP), 2 (MG)
  9. TPPs - Termoparaíba and Termonordeste
  10. 40 SHPPs
    17 in SP, 10 in MG, 4 in RS, 6 in SC, 2 in MT and 1 in PR
  11. 45 Wind Parks
    12 in CE, 29 in RN and 4 in RS
  12. 8 TPPs (Biomass)
    5 in SP, 1 in RN, 1 in MG and 1 in PR
  13. Tanquinho Solar Plant (PVP) (SP)

Further informations about our activities.

2020 highlights


Advances in construction of assets


Advances in the works for assets under construction:



Financial highlights


Since 2004, our shares have been listed on the B3 Novo Mercado, a segment that requires the highest standards of governance and management. All the company’s shares are ordinary, that is, with voting rights and shareholders are ensured 100% Tag Along rights.

Holding 83.71% of the capital, State Grid is the company’s main shareholder. The largest company in the world in the energy sector, State Grid operates in diverse countries, and has invested more than US$ 12.5 billion in Brazil since 2010.

Capital market

In 2020, we celebrated the first anniversary of our follow-on offering (Re-IPO), as well as our return to important local and global capital markets such as: the B3 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE) and the B3 Carbon Efficient Index (ICO2), IBRX-100 (Brazil 100 Index), Ibovespa (Bovespa Index), MSCI (Morgan Stanley Capital International) and FTSE (London Stock Exchange), which contributed to the increase of our investor base. We were also included on the Santander portfolio of ESG recommendations at the beginning of 2021.

Click here to learn about our corporate governance practices.

Sustainable business management

Our activities and investment priorities, aligned with company values and global trends towards sustainable development, are guided by our Sustainability Plan, in turn driven by the vision of our majority shareholder, State Grid.

2020-2024 Sustainability Plan

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Click here for further information.

Sustainable energies

One of our commitments is to contribute to a cleaner energy matrix in Brazil, as well as reinforcing initiatives to combat climate change. Furthermore, the safety of our assets is a priority and we act to mitigate environmental impacts and promote a circular economy by refurbishing equipment and employing reverse logistics in our operations.


Click here for further information about our commitments and initiatives in this area.

Smart solutions

To guarantee the quality of our services, the best experience for our clients and the capture of opportunities from the evolutions of the electricity sector, we constantly seek innovative solutions and new technologies. Our commitments range from the implantation of telemetering and investment in distribution network automation to the offer of low carbon solutions and the provision of digital service channels.


Click here for further information about our commitments and initiatives in this area.

Shared value

Our major priority comes under the pillar Shared Value: ensuring the safety of all our stakeholder groups. Moreover, our commitments include maximizing positive impact for society and the value chain, by means of investments in energy efficiency in public hospitals and for the population, in social transformation projects and in sustainability in our supply chain.


CPFL in the Hospitals

Energy Efficiency Program focused on low-income communities

Social transformation

Supply chain

Click here for further information about our commitments and initiatives in this area.


Our strategy and the achievement of our goals are leveraged by three enablers inherent to the performance of our activities: ethics, transparency, employee development and inclusion. We have more than 13,000 people in our work force, oriented to Our Way of Being, who contribute towards ensuring that we deliver clean and reliable energy to millions of people on a daily basis.



  • Strengthening of the Integrity Program by means of diverse actions, worthy of note being the Monthly Integrity Conversation, conducted by all leaders on subjects such as discrimination, prejudice and harassment.
  • Dissemination of the Code of Ethics for suppliers.


  • Organization of three events for Brazilian and international investors, specifically focused on ESG (environmental, social and governance) topics
  • Review of most relevant aspect for the company, extending the consultation to 10 different stakeholder groups

Employee development and inclusion


Click here for further information about our Enablers.

Awards and recognition

  • EXAME/IBRC Client Service Award: CPFL Paulista was among the companies with the best client relations practices in the electric sector category in this award granted by the magazine EXAME in partnership with the Instituto Ibero Brasileiro de Relacionamento com o Cliente.
  • 50 most valuable brands in Brazil: CPFL Energia was featured in the EXAME magazine ranking of the 50 companies most admired by consumers, based on a survey conducted by the English consultancy Brand Finance, specialized in brand assessment.
  • ECO Award: CPFL Energia was recognized in the award organized by the American Chamber of Commerce Amcham and the newspaper Estadão, in the categories Sustainability in Processes - Managing biodiversity and shared value with the community, and Sustainability in Products or Services - Circular economy and waste management.
  • Fundação Nacional da Qualidade (FNQ): the distributors CPFL Paulista, CPFL Piratininga, RGE and CPFL Santa Cruz were recognized among the Best in Management by the FNQ.
  • Valor Innovation Brazil Award 2020: the company came fourth among the most innovative companies in the country in the electric utility sector ranking. The award is organized by the newspaper Valor Econômico and by Strategy&, a PwC strategy consultancy.
  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP): CPFL Energia achieved a distinction in the Leadership category of the Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) Climate Change ranking. In addition to evolving to category A- in Climate Change, the company remained in the market median, with level B in the item Water Security, among the 9,600 companies that responded to the questionnaire. The company was also recognized by the CDP as a Supplier Engagement Leader for its work in engaging suppliers to combat climate change, with an A score, the highest on the questionnaire.
  • State Grid Management Innovation: the CPFL Renováveis Suzlon Project was recognized by our majority shareholder, State Grid, in the Overseas Operation category.

See CPFL Energia’s other awards and recognitions in 2020 here.

2020 Annual Report

Connect with CPFL

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